Feel – Think – Act – Now!


road at new year

All roads lead to more questions!


This blog domain was registered in June 2017, a time when I decided to start experimenting with ways to summarise my research and learning on personal development, my broader philosophy on life and musings on things that are happening in the world.

I had just booked my place on a transformational coaching course following about six months of reading, trying new things and thinking about what my next steps in life could be. There’s so much in this, as it has in effect been a way to take stock of what I believe and who I am. This brings up pretty challenging thinking and at times difficult feelings and conclusions on what action I need to take. As I am a perfectionist, thinking about blogging this,  I struggled what, how and where to start writing about it all.

It has taken me a while to realise that there is no perfect time or point of conclusion. There is no end point I will reach and feel I have it all perfectly worked out. I don’t know why this wasn’t obvious to me in June. Maybe it’s because I saw so many blogs called the ‘10 steps to the perfect life’ and thought I might get this kind of clarity too. Truth is, the only thing I am clear on is the statement I registered as the domain of this blog. Feel Think Act Now!

We have feelings that affect our thoughts and vice versa.

We have  choices about what action to take in response.

We have limited time to take action

All we have is now.

With this in mind, I will write about what’s interested me on the path that I and every other human being takes in the pursuit of a life of happiness and fulfilment. I will try share moments, thoughts and images that are real. No filtered stock pictures or copy and pasted versions of other blogs I have read. I can’t promise perfection but I can at least offer authenticity, and I hope you like it.



Deeds not words!


‘Deeds not words’. The powerful motto of the Suffragette movement. Would I have followed that call if I was around 100 years ago? Would I have done anything that made a difference to people’s lives today? I have been thinking today about the 100 years since some women first got the vote. To be very honest, I have mixed feelings about it all.

On the one hand, I am in awe of the sacrifice, resilience, radicalism and bravery of our foremothers who fought for our rights. Without them, I could not take for granted the right to vote and the right to carry on fighting for rights for all.

On the other hand, as inspired as I am by that victory, I can’t help but feel saddened that 100 years has passed and there is still so far to go. I myself could do more for starters. We are still marching, campaigning and petitioning and it looks like we will be doing so for decades to come. What else can we do?

Some people ask, what is the point of trying? They say things won’t change and see ‘the system’ and external forces as inevitably keeping them back. But what also keeps you back are the powerful internal forces within. This hidden self-sabotage is perhaps the most difficult barrier to overcome. As humans, our ‘last freedom’ as Viktor Frankl put it, is the ‘ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances’. Even in a concentration camp, you have the freedom to choose how to respond and how to change your response. But we don’t always give ourselves that freedom. As Vicktor Frankl also said, ‘when we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves’. Sometimes we don’t want to take up that challenge and make those changes.

When the women in the suffragette movement decided to do something though, they had to change. They had to change their response to what other people thought of them and what they thought of themselves. They were hated as a movement, their members were shunned in their communities. They were mistreated, harshly prosecuted by the authorities for making their case. None of this stopped them from keeping on and carrying on. For Emily Davison she carried on and fearless as she was, she paid the ultimate price, dying after being run over by King George’s horse at the Derby in 1913.

To achieve change, we have to change our response to fear and then take action. No individual and no group has ever been given ‘permission’ to make change happen or just handed their rights without a fight. They had to first give themselves permission to fight their own fears, to change their own way of thinking and doing things. Deeds not words. Only then could they begin to change anyone else’s mind.

Some people ask, what is the point? Why should they try to do anything etc. They say things won’t change and see ‘the system’ and external forces as keeping them back. But what is also true is there are powerful internal forces that sabotage you. This hidden self-sabotage is perhaps the most difficult barrier to overcome. Because we always have freedom to think and consider our choices and change them. But we don’t always give ourselves the freedom to do so. As Vicktor Frankl said, when we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

Our mindset, our beliefs, our commitment to ourselves. Changing these with action makes us see and believe in the freedom that we can give ourselves and the freedom we can help give to others. That struggle continues today. It’s part of the human condition. We have to fight for every new freedom we want. We also have to fight to preserve every small freedom that we already have. Starting with ourselves.

But no one is truly free until we are all free. In the U.K. in 2018, millions of people are not free. Amongst other limits, they cannot choose who they really want to be, where they want to live and work, who, where and how they worship.

Women, men, people of colour, disabled people, people who are working yet poor, the unemployed and many other disadvantaged people are struggling every day to maintain and gain their basic rights. We may not always hear about their struggles, we may not know anyone who faces these struggles. But that doesn’t mean they are not there. People across the country are still not really free.

100 years on from when some women were given the vote, it’s critical to ask, who is still not free? Who is still disenfranchised and why? What can I do to free myself and others today, tomorrow and the day after that?

‘Deeds not words’, is a compelling answer to those questions I think. Last night that answer was projected onto the Houses of Parliament itself. A place of full of many many words…and often no action! Deeds not words applies no matter what the struggle: the personal or the political. We have to DO things differently to know that things can change, that things can be different. And change starts here with myself. Let’s DO this!

Do you want change but don’t know where to start?

Are your fears holding you back from what you really want in your life?

Do you feel stuck yet yearn for a way to move forward?

If so, transformational coaching can clarify and catalyse your confidence and motivation to do what you want to do. Coaching helps you explore change, what barriers you are seeing to progress, and overcoming them faster than you ever thought possible!

To start living the life you REALLY want, please get in touch with me to arrange a FREE, no obligation consultation on workwithlorraine@gmail.com. 

I will listen to what you are thinking about and see if I can help you in any way. If nothing else, by getting in touch and talking about your ideas, you will already have begun to take action towards change and moved yourself forward!

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Things I have learned and want to live by in 2018

1) Just. Do. It! Stop making excuses, it’s good enough already
2) The time is now, you can’t guarantee tomorrow
3) Nobody owes you anything, stop complaining.
4) You owe yourself self-respect and honesty. Stop pretending the way you feel is OK.
5) Get focused on what really matters to you, find what you’re good at and do more of that and less of the stuff you’re no good at and don’t enjoy
6) Choose your company, you’re the average of the five people you spend time with
7) Have a plan and take stock of where you are regularly, allow for detours
8) Don’t take health and your body for granted, you’re the custodian not the owner
9) Feel the fear and do it anyway, it’s never as bad as you thought it would be
10) When challenged, this is real life, this too shall pass, grow from it
11) Be patient and learn, learn, always learn

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Love, hope, fear and the New Year

New Year’s related post alert- will be  poor timing/irrelevant if you’re not living on the Gregorian calendar! (For the record, I counted 33 other calendars on Wikipedia)

red sunset

‘Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight’. What does the colour of this past year tell us about what’s to come?


OK, so who here likes New Year (NY) and the resolutions business that comes with it? Did you you make any last year and did you stick to them? Who doesn’t like new year/ resolutions and if so, why not?

I think the reason NY almost always provokes a reaction is that there are profound questions swirling round our heads at these kinds of moments. People can get quite emotional (good and bad) about it all. This is understandable- I would say it’s a sign you’re alive! As human beings we are wired to make ideas and plans. We use our ‘learning’ of what’s happened before to predict what might happen again. Sometimes we love what that looks like, other times we hate it!

There seem to be three dimensions in mind when we are ‘forecasting’ our life at NY/similar turning points. The first is that people feel really hopeful, a new Year gives the opportunity for renewal. There’s the excitement of ‘newness’ and what could be around the corner. ’I can finally say goodbye to that long year and all the rubbish stuff I did/other people did- hurrah!’

Equally people are fearful, uncertain about what lies ahead, anxious about all manner of things, regretting things what’s happened over the year. ‘I don’t think anything will change and next year could be worse, I wasted time, I can’t do anything about what’s happening!’.

The third dimension is love. Human beings are social creatures and connection and love are necessary for our survival. At a moment like NY  take stock of where they are in relation to others. ‘I am so darn happy with all the people in my life and what we do for each other-thank God for all this love’. The other scenario is a full on Bridget Jones singing ‘All By Myself’ in PJs on the sofa, you get the picture.

Am I hopeful or hopeless, fearful or fearless, full of love or loveless right now and what does that mean for tomorrow?

If we step back and examine our decisions over the past year, would it help us understand better what lies ahead? Specifically, how many of our decisions were driven hope, fear and love or their opposites?

I am going to think about the answers to these questions myself. Methodically of course! I will draw up a list of the best things from this year and the worst things (limited to 5 each as the second list could go on!). Then I will see if I can think about what was driving them. Love, fear or hope or lack of all three?

It will be interesting to see what comes up. Then I can start to think about what I can learn from these answers. What should I aim for given the good and the bad of this year? A bit of evidence-based resolution making, if you like.

If any of you decide to do a similar exercise, please let me know how it goes (dm is fine if you don’t want to put it on my timeline. I know how many of you have consumption of cake and chocolate to chalk up- as high points, as it comes from a place of self-care and love, right?).

In general terms, whatever the post mortem of 2017 reveals, I am hopeful. Unlike Mary Poppins, I may not be practically perfect in every way, but I can keep trying! I believe in the ‘audacity’ of hope as Obama puts it. I believe that nothing is a foregone conclusion and whatever our belief system, whatever our circumstance, change and growth is always possible. We can do something about what’s happening, we just have to ask for it from ourselves first and foremost!

So for 2018, please God I hope for the best for all of us, more love, more hope and less fear in all our lives. Ameen!

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One year, my resolutions/intentions will be right, the results will be great and finally, like Mary Poppins, I will be practically perfect in every way! Here’s hoping! #poppinsgoals

Free Your Mind, Free Your Life #April2017


Ikigai is the Japanese term for finding a way of living that hits the happiness and meaningful jackpot


On a sunny spring morning in early April I was surprised but excited to find myself walking out of Gloucester Rd station towards the DoubleTree by Hilton. I made my way into the hotel lobby and looked for the signs. ‘Introduction to Coaching’ was sign posted from the lobby and there was lots of free tea, coffee and  biscuits outside the room- this was quite a turnaround!
You see I never thought I would want to take a course about coaching. I had a pretty poor coach for a while in Whitehall who I eventually stopped seeing. I didn’t get the guy or what I was meant to get out of it. In addition, over the past few years I had noticed that a lot of people have started to call themselves ‘coaches’. I knew that they were often making scammy claims about having the secrets to becoming millionaires and operating pyramid scheme type franchises. Coaching really didn’t seem like my kinda thing.
Or so I thought. Since late 2016 I had been researching personal development, the term coaching was popping up a lot. Through reading, youtube and podcasts, I had come to learn that ‘coaching’ was in fact a very broad term and included a lot of things that I was interested in and that I believed in. That is things like a fundamental belief that human potential is limitless except for the constraints that the mind imposes on it. That human beings have freedom of choice and have the answers within themselves, choosing those answers often serves them better than trying to live out other people’s answers. The depth, breadth,creativity and mystery that is the human mind is fascinating. A helpful idea in coaching is that with the right motivation from within themselves, people can rewrite the ‘invisible scripts’ that their minds and lives are run by. This is exciting stuff that every human being might benefit from!
I realised that coaching can be much more than the ‘smart’ goals stuff that the Whitehall coach I had focused on. It also absolutely doesn’t have to be tied to some scammy internet marketing where you promise desperate people impossible short cuts to big money and charge them thousands of pounds for the privilege. Worse you imply that this stuff is religiously OK, because it gives you flexibility and more time to pray (yeah right- I am looking at you faith based internet marketers/self-styled ‘coaches’- think it’s time to repent!).
I found that coaching is simply a space to explore with someone what it means and feels to be them right now, what it would mean for them to shift to a different way of being and how they might get there. This is the type of dialogue that fascinates and excites me. I had to find out more and see if maybe coaching is something I could try myself and maybe even become one?
As I sat down in decent sized room full of people that morning I could have quoted Joan Armatrading and said, ‘I am not in love. But I am open to persuasion’. Well, it didn’t take long for me to fall for this coaching thing. The two days were a great canter through some of the basics of what coaching tools exist and how they might be applied in everyday and work-related contexts. I met interesting people and have stayed in touch with a few of them. I didn’t opt to take further courses with the organisation who ran that event. But I must thank them for setting me off on a journey around coaching. In the space of a month, I went to several coaching school events after which I decided to explore the idea of training as a coach – by hiring a coach. I wanted to experience coaching, study the coach’s methods and ask her about the work and lifestyle, then see whether it felt right for me.
To cut a long story short, I am now half way through my trainsformational coaching diploma. I am loving the theory, the practice and the people I have met along the way. I see so much potential in the coaching framework for the things I am interested in, the impact this can have on other people,  and hopefully the ability to improve my own life by earning income from doing something I love. Could coaching be my ikigai? Give it a few years and God willing, let’s see!
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Three as One: #March 2017

At the beginning of 2017 I decided to get involved in new projects, try new ideas out and just see what happens. In February I had started volunteering at my local church soup kitchen. I had been living in the neighbourhood for over 10 years and hadn’t realised this amazing project existed just a few hundred yards from my front door.

I was incredibly nervous about going along the first evening, not because of everyone at the project or the people it serves, but because of me. I was anxious about whether I could contribute. I was anxious about whether the existing volunteers would even need my help. Once I started at Streetlytes, all that changed.

I met amazing neighbours and lots of great new people. Those who come just to volunteer and have done for many years, those who come as guests from the local homeless community, as well as people of all ages who are in housing but who still come as guests as they need a hot meal. The guests often help out too, they offer their time and labour, serving and cleaning. I have so much respect for everyone involved there and was really inspired to help as much as I could. I get so much for myself being there, it’s not all one way giving- I come home buzzing despite standing in a kitchen cooking and cleaning for four hours or so.
About a month after I first went to the church, I decided I could help fundraise for the project. I saw the opportunity to try and do something I have always wanted to do. Get different local faith community people to work together for good causes. In mid- March I had helped to organise the first conference of the UK’s first Muslim-Jewish women’s network (Nisa-Nashim). This was another of my ‘trying things out’ projects, as it had been a good few years since I had done anything like that.

On the back of the conference,  I was asked if I would become a co-chair for a new branch of Nisa-Nashim in West London. I leapt at the chance and met my Jewish co-chair and we quickly got thinking about what the first activity for the group could be. I am extremely passionate about the ability of people in different communities to come together to do good and was happy to be able to get involved in a project that is very much needed as well as being women-led! Women do it differently and in 2017 it has been good to see that develop as more assertive and honest voices are heard from women and men who believe in equality.
Back to faith communities helping the church soup kitchen project, I decided with my lovely new Jewish friend that our group’s first activity could be fundraising and getting food donations for Streetlytes. I designed a flyer, whipped it round on What’s App and facebook and just hoped people would come on the day. We did this as part of a national ‘social impact’ day by the Muslim community called ‘Sadaqa Day’ so got some extra social media promotion through that. We had 10 women from the Muslim and Jewish community turn up and set up a stand outside the church asking for food donations and money from passers-by.

sadaqa day

Such is the wonder of free design software and smartphones I put this together on my smart phone and ordered them from an online printers. Far cry from the hand drawn, hand photocopied flyers I made as a student

It was a great three hours of chatting to new friends, talking to curious members of the public asking things like ‘what are Muslim and Jewish women doing helping the church? We enlisted local businesses to donate food to a project within metres of their shop fronts,  but that they hadn’t heard of before. We ended up raising around £600 along with collecting stacks of food and pantry items. The donation drive was celebrated by a special feast of spaghetti Bolognese a couple of weeks later at the soup kitchen. This was a rare treat as existing funds can’t cover buying meat to cook meals. Now, as everyone will tell you, Muslim and Jewish women share one big thing in common- the love of providing lots of good food to anyone who will take it! So it was very fitting for Nisa- Nashim West London’s first project to be getting good hot food to people who need it the most.

I was so pleased and moved by many aspects of what that day symbolised to me. But the biggest one was that three faiths working together really are better than one.
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Visiting Great Aunt Lizzie #February 2017


Great Aunt Lizzie’s House doubles up as park keeper’s lodge in an Princes Gardens just under the Edinburgh castle!

My February highlight was hard to choose. But in the end for the sheer unexpected fun of it, it had to be going through the front garden gate of Great Aunt Lizzie’s house from ‘The Teacup Travels’. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to be so excited to be there. I was definitely more into it than my just turned four-year-old daughter!
Many of you who don’t have a pre-schooler and don’t live in the UK, won’t know about ‘Tea Cup Travels’. For those of you that do, you’ll know that at the start of every single episode, two children (a boy and a girl) stand outside this ‘chocolate box’ cottage. One child then goes through the gate of the garden to join Great Aunt Lizzie and once inside, the child chooses a china cup from her lovely dresser. As they take a sip of tea from the cup, the child is transported into a fantastical adventure set in ancient cultures from around the world. The premise of these mini Indiana Jones without the hype tales are that the kindly, scholarly, great Aunt has collected these tea cups on her own travels. Each tea cup has a picture of an object relating to ancient cultures like Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Viking, Celtic etc. The objects are what the plot of each story revolves around. Someone needs an object like spectacles or a vase and there’s a journey to get that object to the person in need. Aunt Lizzie narrates the stories which of course place the child at the centre of all the action. They are the hero, the helper and the curious adventurer all at once.

tea cups

Aunt Lizzie’s tea cups are lined up very neatly and on closer inspection are all the same shape and size which is amazing for stories that span so many centuries…but I digress…

I think that’s why I enjoy the series so much. Who doesn’t like the idea of being a hero explorer not just of our world today, but of the amazing places and cultures of long ago? So when the opportunity of walking through the gate of house that leads to these adventures came up, I took it! It’s the closest I have got to the wardrobe that leads to Narnia. As well as the nostalgic title sequence and the fact that it’s always sunny when the children go to visit aunt Lizzie’s place (in Edinburgh?!), each story follows the same narrative. There’s a tale as old as time about people and life in each episode.
The life lessons in each tea cup tale are about being curious, courageous and kind. In the story, the child dressed in very conspicuous cream adventurer hat, jacket and shorts and a trusty back pack, wonders into a scene with some interesting people who are facing some sort of problem. The adventurer child has no hesitation about ambling up to these strangers and offering to help them out and get the object they need to solve the problem. Curiosity: tick! Courage: tick! Luckily these people are never put off either by the child’s strange attire, that they are a total stranger or the strange confidence of the child in solving their grown-up problem. They always accept the child’s offer of help. Kindness: tick!


Here’s Charlotte, one of three children who go on tea cup travels. She’s our favourite and is the most accomplished. Her satin red bows and plaits never get messy and her clothes stay pristine clean despite the trials and travels she undertakes- #self-care goals!

The adventuring hero child then has to bravely search to find the object which might be a hair pin to keep a warrior princess’s hair in place so she can go into battle, or a lost wooden toy for a child’s birthday present. The search for this object ALWAYS involves the child wandering into more unknown territory far away with the use of a map. This map ALWAYS requires them crossing a valley on a narrow bridge to get to the place where the object may be- and then coming back over it again. Luckily the hero child always makes it across and back-phew! Jeopardy and the need for courage again: tick!
So there we have it, this shows I watch a lot of children’s TV and probably think about it a bit too much. But maybe I am finally learning something useful from it all! Time for a nice cup of tea now and to think of what hero adventuring back in time I can get myself involved in. Ideas anyone?
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The 2017 Annual of Me- Why I March #January 2017


2017 has been eventful. But from whichever angle you look at the world, the sky is still blue and the tides still come in and go out leaving ripples in the sand

2017 has been a year of seismic movement and jaw dropping moments. But that’s enough about me embarrassing my daughter when her favourite tune comes on, what’s it really been like to be me this year?
I ask myself this question as it’s something I’ve been asking other people a lot of late (more of that later or #motl). In these heady days of post-modernist, post-truth, post-card and letter writing, I have begun to think more about how I can keep track of things and thoughts that matter. I think in our 24/7 smart-phone led world, it’s getting harder to keep track and reflect. Instead, we spend a lot of energy just scrolling through to keep up.

Now another year has almost flown by. What have I really done with all that time? Do I remember anything worth reflecting on? Is the icloud blur a thousand images all I have to know that I was ‘doing stuff’ this year? From the hundreds of days, thousands of incidents, ideas and interactions I have experienced in 2017, what has stayed with me and why? If I had an annual of the most interesting things of my year, what would it contain?
For the next twelve days I am going to look at the things from each month of this year that I feel deserve noting down. This is part blog, part year in review, part attempt to develop me some discipline in regular writing. I always put off getting words down, even though I think I much prefer having those down a page, rather than swirling randomly round my mind. Perhaps at the end I will see some common strands to think about how I approach the year ahead.

I have been looking at a lot at limiting behaviours and beliefs a lot this year. In my own life some big ones are dealing with perfectionism and not feeling ‘good enough’, and it’s close associate, procrastination. Getting this little bit of writing done is a way to develop the muscle of making progress over perfection and action over procrastination. But #motl.

So, on the perfectionism, I could not decide if I should call this The 2017 Annual of Me: the good, the bad and the downright awful. Or given the timing, the twelve days of Lorrainemas. So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, are you ready for either clumsy titles or contents of this blog series? I expect you’re not, so, let’s just begin.

#ProgressNotPerfection #HereGoesSomething #2017AnnualOfMe

January 2017


It was a cold Saturday in January when I got off the 94 bus outside Selfridges on Oxford St. As ever, there were throngs of people around, most of them women. But on that day, many women were not carrying bags of fancy shopping. Instead, they carried home-made bright placards and wore pink woolly hats. I hadn’t been on a march like this before and had not gone out protesting for some time.
Significantly, for the first time at a march, I also had a buggy in tow. I was marching as a mother with my three-year-old daughter in her mini-chariot in front of me. This was her first march, aptly titled The Woman’s March. I brought her along as I was very much thinking about what needs to happen now to make things better for her and all future women and men. This global event allowed us to join with millions of women across the world who were mobilised to march for dignity and equality.

Triggered by the election of a US President who bragged about sexually harassing women for decades, the March for Women was a long time coming. Of course, at the end of 2017, the impact of this movement is only just beginning to be felt with the #MeToo campaign etc. I only hope this culture of challenging misogyny will gain momentum over the coming years.
At the beginning of the march, a bunch of baby boomers walked by singing ‘We will overcome’. It honestly didn’t sound as cliché as it does when you read it written down. It sounded determined and calm. A spirit which is hard to break I think.
I spoke to so many different people that day, many of whom I had never met before. There were women from India and Egypt, Londoners, Northerners, Europeans. Women united by the feeling that something had to be done now, eye rolling, and shrugging is no longer an option. Change must come.
I saw lots of banners using the purple, green and white colours of the suffragette movement. This gave me flashbacks of a childhood heroine of mine: Mrs Banks the banker’s wife from Mary Poppins! I never imagined Mrs Bank’s verse ‘our daughter’s daughters will adore us, and they’ll sing in grateful chorus’ would ever have such an immediate meaning to me!
About half way round the course of the march, I fell into step with an elderly woman who had come alone. I asked her what brought her to the event. Surprisingly she said she’d never ever protested about anything in her life before. ‘Enough is enough’ she said, ‘I thought if not now, then when?’. Good question! I hope she feels as energised by that as I still do many months later

#WhyIMarch #EnoughIsEnough  #IfNotNowWhen?



light box

This is the place to be if you FEEL stuck,

you THINK you would like to make changes to your life

you are ready to ACT on this, starting with small simple steps that can make huge difference

you are done with waiting for the perfect moment to take action and know that the only time you have is NOW.

So let me say a big hello and welcome and congratulate you on doing what many other people do not do. Seriously, WELL DONE you! Just by reading and spending time here, you’re thinking about all those feelings, dreams, ideas, goals that you have and how you can turn them into reality. That new business idea, job or career change, home purchase, relationship, self-improvement or whatever you are dreaming about, it would be amazing wouldn’t it? Thing is it really is possible for you to make these a reality,  really it is.

We just need to look at how you can move from what you’re experiencing  now, to that brand new day in your life when these things are real. It’s exciting and possibly a bit daunting, but the thing is it’s actually your choice about whether or not you want to get these things or not. That’s right, it’s all about your choices. ‘I haven’t got a choice’ is not where I am coming from. You can choose everyday to keep doing what you’re already doing and what you’ve already tried and not succeeded with. Or you can build new understanding of what you’ve already done and tried and use that to make new and different choices. Making changes and moving towards things that make you happy, satisfied will give meaning and purpose to your life.

Sounds too easy? Well, of course like anything in life, results depend on putting in the work. Work to uncover your deeply held beliefs that drive you and help you feel happy and nourished in life, work on understanding and shifting your mindset, developing clarity in your goals, developing systems and steps to meet those goals. All this takes work. But I can tell you that with this work, almost anything you want to achieve is possible. How great is that?

If you are choosing to move forward and start working and taking action then I would would love to send you a free copy of my Feel-Think-Act-Now! guide, It sets out the tools you can use to begin working on your goals now. Please register on the email below.

If you are looking to think about how you might move from feeling confused, fearful and stuck to clear, confident and inspired, then get in touch for a free consultation. I am a transformation coach, work with different people looking to progress to a happier, more meaningful life. I work with people running their own business, stay at home mothers, senior executives, professionals, either in person in West London or over the phone.

I am passionate and curious about supporting people to explore their lives and ways they can progress. I offer a judgement free, confidential space to  listen and ask questions that help clarify the deeper drivers for you to achieve what you really want. Transformational coaching isn’t about being told what to do by the coach. Instead the coach helps you work out your own solutions, I believe people are whole and not broken. They don’t need to be fixed by me or anyone else and have all the answers within them if given the chance to honestly explore them.

Get in touch now on workwithlorraine@gmail.com